Friday, December 25, 2009

First Game Publication

Season's Greetings! This year, I received a nice gift to complete 2009: the game I recently completed, Henway, was approved and published on the Indie Games area of Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Henway: The goal is to cross the road without being killed; hence this game is based on real life.

During playtest and review, the feedback received on the XNA Creators Club was really positive and there were plenty of great ideas posted by fellow creators on the site.

Note: creators must have a Premium Membership before they can playtest and review Indie Games.

Here is a quick summary of features and updates that could potentially be added in a future release:
  • add more vehicles: trucks, buses, cyclists, motorcycles, tractors, emergency
  • add variety of squelching noises when the chicken gets run down
  • pause game when batteries removed from controller
  • use Xbox button images for quit and error popups
  • add exhaust particles for some of the vehicles
  • disable sign in guide when saving
  • disable the continue option

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