Sunday, May 31, 2015

Candy Kid Video Game

Candy Kid is a simple maze chase video game originally programmed by Grandstand Leisure from New Zealand in September 1984. The game was written in BASIC programming language on Sega SC-3000.

Inspired from previous posts on Sega Retro Gaming and Sega BASIC programming, Candy Kid was re-written in XNA. However, the goal is to keep the super cool 80s retro arcade video game look and feel!

The game is now more a Pacman clone and also has the following features / options to vary game play:
  • 100 levels initially (if I can design) to 250??
  • Open or closed exits for different game play
  • Avoid trees that block or Death trees that kill
  • 3x Candy Mamas "ghosts" more than original
  • God mode for invincibility to pass all levels
  • 4x speeds: Slower, Medium, Faster, Insane
  • Option for 1x, 2x, or 3x ghosts chase player
  • Unlimited continues, increased lives choices
Next step is to port game to mobile devices available for iOS App Store and Android Google Play store.
Ultimate goal would be to re-write Candy Kid in C / Z80 assembler to target the Sega Master System!