Saturday, August 31, 2019

3D City Code Complete II

3D City is a simple "Shoot 'em up" video game originally programmed by StevePro Studios in New Zealand January 1988. The game was written using BASIC programming language built against the Sega SC-3000.

In 2016, 3D City was re-written in C / Z80 assembler to target the Sega Master System. In 2018, 3D City was re-written in XNA to celebrate its 30yr anniversary and was ported to Windows [UWP], Android and iOS.

Click here for more information on the classic 8-bit retro version for 3D City on the Sega Master System.
Let's check it out!

Simpsons Trivia techniques were used to port 3D City XNA to Windows, Android and iOS using MonoGame.

Create solution in Visual Studio and build the entire game using XNA. Write all game code in an external library to be consumed by multiple thin clients for all destination platforms. Add any experimental clients.
 Alias  Name  Development  Framework  Description  Source Code
 XNA  Windows Game  Visual Studio 2010  XNA 4.0  Game server  Download
 WP7  Windows Phone 7  Visual Studio 2010  XNA 4.0  Game client  Download
 WIN  Windows Project  Visual Studio 2015  MonoGame 3.6  Game client  Download
 AND  Android Project  Visual Studio 2017  MonoGame 3.4  Game client  Download
 IOS  iOS Project  Visual Studio 2017  MonoGame 3.5  Game client  Download
 WP8  Windows Phone 8  Visual Studio 2015  MonoGame 3.6  Game client  Download
 UWP  Windows Universal Project  Visual Studio 2017  MonoGame 3.6  Game client  Download

Choose a unique game title, short description and bullet points to be applied consistently across stores.
 Title  Retro 3D City
 Short description  Retro style 80s rails based shooter arcade video game
 Keywords  80s, retro, arcade, video, game
Do you love to blast away innocent fighter ships in an infinite pixelated universe?
If so then this 80s retro style rails based shooter arcade video game is for you!

Use your skill to defeat the relentless attack of the rebel star fighters throughout 18x levels of hyperactive destruction! Two main modes: Easy vs. Hard plus unlimited continues to navigate the continual, high-paced frantic and exhaustive action.

  • Press "1988" text bottom right on Splash screen to play secret speed metal music
  • Press the large "3D City" yellow title on the intro screen five times for invincibility
  • Press the small white "-- 3D City --" text in the top middle to go back, quit or exit

3D City has come along way in 30yrs: from humble beginnings written in BASIC for the Sega SC-3000, to C / Z80 for the Sega Master System and finally re-written again for modern day desktop and mobile platforms.

If you love to blast away innocent fighter ships then grab yourself a free copy on Windows, Android or iOS!